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Here you can find helpful links.  For example, if you need help paying your electric bill


Hopes and dreams

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Have you ever wanted to run your own business? What about have your own blog? I sort of have both, although I’m not sure if I am doing a good job or not. I have not sold anything online in a long time. Here is a quick lesson I learned, though. I was making a granny square Christmas afghan. I put it up on eBay for sale. I thought I would have it done by the time it sold. I was mistaken. I sold the afghan. I’m just fortunate the person who bought it off of me was patient with me. I worked hard for the next month to get that thing done. I’m not going to post anything for sale before I am finished making it. Lesson learned.

I don’t know what I would want to do if it were not for my dreams. I am hoping that someday I can get an actual store for Lil Momma Gifts. I sell things now and them in person. I ordered a candle fundraising kit. It said not up front cost. Well, I have to sell 150 of them in order for them to waive the $65.00 shipping. Honestly, now I am a bit afraid to even try to sell the candles. What if I don’t sell enough and have to pay the $65 dollars. Have you ever done that before? Yes, my self-confidence is a little low. But if you tried and tried and tried and feel like giving up. Well, sometimes I just take a break from things and find other stuff to enjoy for the time being.
I love to read and I enjoy writings. My grammar may suck, but you know I found this really cool program called Grammarly. I like it. I just hope it makes me a better writer. I just have to be patient. If it is meant for me to have my business that it shall happen. I don’t know when. But this is all I can dream of. Just don’t know what to do otherwise.

I just created this page. I was wondering how to become a part of Team Bret Michaels. Now, I finally have a page. (I think the 2 is for the fundraiser page and my first name is the profile or the about my page. Not sure why they did it like that.) Check it out when you have time.

I’m passionate about learning about diabetes and how to live a more healthy lifestyle. My mom was a diabetic and she was unable to get the help she needed. I know my father did the best he could, the best he knew how. He didn’t know much about that either. A few years after both my parents had passed my aunts and uncles were becoming diabetes or being diagnosed with diabetes. My mom was in her 40’s when she found out she was a diabetic. I’m almost 40.
So I’m expecting somewhere within the next ten years they could say you are a diabetic. Yes, it is hard trying to figure out what to do. You are probably like oh my God what am I suppose to do. All I can say is take baby steps.
I know I am. With Lil Momma Gifts I hope to raise money for myself and if I get a certain dollar amount I want to help others who are in the same situation my mom was in. I want to be able to help them out. Right now I have to learn to eat better for me so I can later help out you.

If you want to follow along with me go ahead. Sometimes we just have to practice. I’ve had my little business since 2011. It is going slow and I am surely not rich, but I will mention and talk to people about my business. I’m thinking later on if I do get me a place that people will be waiting at the door. Wondering what the hype is all about.

I’m grateful I got me a “real job” it does help. Now I’m doing ok with my money, but I would like to do better. With practice, I’m sure I can get this mastered. I talked to my bank and got a Christmas club savings. They say save money for yourself first, so this is what helps me.

I also have a few “get paid to read email” sites that I belong to. I’m sure the more I talk about it the more people I can get. I get several emails a day from them and I get pennies for each one. Sure I only have like $10. or $15.00 with one, but that is a start and later on I can cash out my money. You have to have like $30.00 in order to request your check. I’ll share with you a few of them that I am with. I have gotten paid before and that is why I am sharing. I won’t share anything unless I have experience from them. But just so you know, what works for me might not work as well for you. You have to try different things out to find out what you can do.

First my diabetes fundraiser.

Here is the get paid to read the email that I use.

Quick note

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I’m trying to get a Step out for diabetes going for here, I’m going to need volunteers to help put this together. If you know how or if you know anyone who knows how please let me know.

At the first of next month, I can post a date.

Please comment below if you want to help.

I have a Treasurer, but we need others too.

Please bare with me as I am learning to use my blog.  On the right —-> I have a few links that you can check out at your leisure.   These will help support our local community.


Slept all day and an idea on how to make a little money.

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Ok now, you tell me if this isn’t messed up.  I suppose I slept too much yesterday.  It is 12:26a.m.  I can’t sleep. Obviously.  I was just thinking about my blog here.  I don’t know about you but I’m kind of tired of reading all about how I made. $1,000.00 or $100,000.00 off of a blog, by doing this and doing that.   I’ve tried a lot of things and had no luck with make a thousand a month other the get a job. Now I do have a few sites that I have joined quite a while back where I got some money from.  My points for starters.  Is one of the first ones that I have joined.

You know I have no idea if this is my “referral” link or not. I have not been to that part of the site in a long time, but if you want to try to go to try.   If it works and you are now a member of please comment below.

Another place where I am doing a fundraiser for diabetes is

You can see where I seem to be the only one making donations, offline at that.  (seems to work better for me these days.)  Feel free to make a donation there if you like.

If you haven’t heard of Lil Momma Gift by now,   well this might be your first time.  This is my website where I will make money to sponsor this website and this organization.  Lil Momma’s Care.  As I learn to eat better so will you.   Oh, and by the way, check this out there is a way you can make money off of my website too.  or even get free products.   Go to …..  I’ll even save you the trouble of scrolling down to the affiliate program by giving you the link here.    You will find the form to join my affiliate program there.

As for freebies  IF you buy something off of you can get reward points to earn stuff.   Now I know my website doesn’t have a lot of stuff on there yet, but as time goes buy and I start making money from it I will purchase the big site,  the one that has all the good stuff on it.

IF you checked out my website and liked the stuff on there leave me a comment below and if you want to let me know what you are looking for.  also be sure to join my facebook page for updates on new products as we get them…  And be sure to refer your friends and family to my sites if you like them.  I will be adding another website to the list here in my next article.   If you like what you read please follow my blog.   Let me know if i have helped you out or gave you any ideas.  And sooner or later I will add recipes and tips for you too.


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I have done a blog before, usually, don’t write to much. I’m going to do the best I can. You will have to bare with me as I am new to this. I love writing, but my grammar isn’t always the greatest.

I have been studying diabetes for quite some time now,  although I feel as if I have not studied all that much.   As things start to go I’ll share with you what I have learned.