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Well, this was aggravating.  I tried using the newsletter format with Godaddy and I have more subscribers uploaded then I could use and the site wouldn’t be updated so I can email all of you.  I wanted to share my brand new business with all of you.

We have Lil Momma Gifts, but that is just a gift store.  The new name is for everything that we have gotten to sell you.  We have a ton of items and we wanted to invite you all to Like our new page.  We have a lot of stuff to come,  We are working on the items, so you won’t see anything items there until we have completed our list for this week.

We hope you enjoy our new fan page.  Please like and share it with all your contacts.  Be sure to keep a lookout as we will be posting new items. By new we mean new to us and our sales, we sell new and used items.)

Without further ado,  Please like our new page.

Please Like our new page


As always thank you for reading.

Ruth Pearson


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