How about a (e)book review?

I have been trying to figure out what to write about.  It took me a little while.  I have been reading about how a person can make money online and I thought well I have been reading lately.  How about a book review. In this particular case an Ebook review.

Lily Zante The Gift, box set

(Apparently, I can show the amazon product. I’m not able to be an affiliate at this time. :() But I can still do a review.

This first part is a great read. you get an introduction to the characters, You get to start to know them and what they do.  You get an idea of what they are like.  I’m trying to give you and idea on what is it about without giving anything away.

What I don’t like is that this series can be a bit of a,   let me think…. tease if you.  It leaves you hanging.  I’m glad I got the opportunity to get the first 3 books of this story for free.  It is good on the authors part because you have to buy the series.  For ninety-nine cents isn’t too bad.

So, of course, I was quite into reading the ebook I had to buy the next book

Lily Zante The Offer, Boxed Set

You have gotten to know the characters by now.  (spoiler alert.) They have grown closer. He knows her and she knows him. This part is also a good read.


Lily Zante, The Vow, Boxed Set

Now this one I’m still reading and thus far it is a tear jerker,  but it has good news.  which was a relief for me and the characters.  I’m only on chapter 18.  So I will have to let you know a little later how it goes.

I know I’m not giving you much to go on, but that is why I have links on here, so you can read more.  I just wanted to share my opinion here.  I hope it helps you on deciding rather you want to buy this set or not.  I’m really into this set so far.  The author has written well. ( I have noticed a few typo, though.  See if you find them too.  Please share here if you do.  I want to compare notes.


thanks for reading.


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