Help, Google play service has stopped working

I have done a factory reset on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a couple days ago and I open google play to start getting my apps back.  First thing you got to do is sign in.  Ok, I put in my email address and tough next (since I was using my cell phone)  then, it ask for your password,  I put my password in, it does the wait a second….  then it goest to accpet the terms of service and privacy policy.  I touch accept then wait a sec…..  Then pop up comes up.  It says, “Google play service has stopped working.” What the heck.   I do a search on those words, not a lot of luck at first, but then I found this website.

You need to update your google play service.   So I searched for “google play service update.”  Well you may not find it on google play store.  you have to go through a third party to do so.

This might be a little tricky to do though.  You will have to go into your phone settings.

I believe my phone is an Andriod Lollipop. (I wish it would tell you th name of the system along with the numbers.)

(I hope you are using your phone to read this, if not get your phone if you haven’t done so.) Other wise put this address in your phone.


Google play service update

Google play service update

This is where you download the update.  Do you see the puzzle piece?  That is the Google play service update that you need to get.   Touch that picture and it should get to you to the download page.

You can also get the google play update too. Once you have downloaded the app you will get a pop up saying the app has been blocked this is where yo go into your settings. Should look similar to this.

Yours might look a little different as android has more the one operating system.

Once you click on settings, go to general tab there you will find security, you may have to scroll to find it.

Once you see Security and touch it.


You may see unknown sources with a check mark on it.  Uncheck it.

After that, you should be able to go application manager.


After you are in application manager

You will see you what you have downloaded.  Tough the icons and it should install.  I suggest after you install these programs you restart your phone.

I hope this helps you. If it works please let me know.

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P.S.  If you find any errors please let me know.  I will update this as needed thank you for reading.




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