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Who doesn’t like free stuff right? Amazon has a ton of free ebooks for grabs. YOU do have to watch the price sometimes they are no longer free. They have promotions and or giveaways too.’

These are my affiliate pages.

These 10 books seems to be about marriage. Which is ok. I am sure some of you could use some advice.

If you like this post, please follow my blog. Keep a check on the price as they do change. If you do still like the book even if it cost money, we will sure appreciate your support. Any profit we make will go toward diabetes.

So here is my list of free amazon Ebooks.

#1 Studies in Wives

#2 Gossip can save your marriage


#3 A Domestic Problem: Work and Culture in the House hold

#4 Sweet Revent

#5 Your not really a Couple until

#6 Authority in the Family

#7 The Secret of a Happy Home (1896)

#8 How I Met My Husband

#9 10 Tips to Save Your Marriage

#10 5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget: A guide on how to utilize your wedding expenses in exchange for the ultimate romantic getaway (Travel Planning Book for Engaged Couples) 

Stay tuned for more free book. I will try to post some on 2/11/2019 IF not, just be patient. I will post some more. I hope you enjoy.

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