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Here you can find pages that can help you pay bills or get free food. If you are looking for something be sure to comment and let us know, we will see if can find something for you.

Want Freebies?

I have been using a website called Swagbucks for a while now. I have gotten free stuff from them. Gift card to Walmart for example, or an Amazon gift card or rather an egift card. They work too.
click the link below to join Swagbucks this way I can get credit.
They have all kinds of things that you can do. Games, swago, like bingo and so much more. When you sign up please let me know in the comment line.
Thank for reading.

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Affiliate marketing / Internet Marketing

I don’t know about you but it is really hard sometimes to get your website out there.  I have had my site up for years.  Sadly to say I have not sold anything off of it.  I will be closing website soon.  I will probably merge it with my GoDaddy website. Which is how you are seeing this blog here.   Anyway a little about this “affiliate marketing” site about to share with you.  Honestly, I don’t know much about this site, but they seem to have a lot of good stuff you can use.  I  just haven’t had a lot of time to read through it.  I have the “free” affiliate program.

You can get 50,000 visitors to your website.  Apparently, I still have 49,652 to go.     If you want to join feel free to use my affiliate banner to join so this way I can get credit for you joining.

Click the affiliate link to sign up under me.

Feel free to comment your ideas or suggestion.  Of to let me know what you think of that site I just referred you too.

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How much do you make affiliate marketing

If you are good at it you might be able to make a lot of money from it.  Apparently, I have not been doing something right.  I have been researching for stuff and I have found this great website for affiliate marketing called Wealthy Affiliate

The free version gives you 9 free lessons. I did the lessons they were pretty good. They teach you how to make a website, how to add google adsense to your site and a lot of other great things you can do to make a website and get your business going.

You can join for free.

They do have a paid version where you can get a lot more out of it, but I think I will wait until later. They do have a sale for the first month for $19.00.
Until I start getting more sales I think I will wait.
See here is the comparison

I wish they would give you a month of more stuff.  The free one is good, but they don’t give you much time to interact with it.

While you are here check out this great book about affiliate marketing.

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Starting your own business

Do you know how hard it is to do business online? I have my website http://www.lilmommagifts for like 3 years and no sales through the website. As for getting the physical item and selling it in person is a different story. They have so many websites on the world wide web. Your best bet would be to advertise. Which I have done that too. I have gotten many hits to my website. Yet no sales as of this writing.
I also have a blog too. Sure I can get hits but what about sales. I do have a few affiliate for my blog. Business is slow on both ends. I am still determined to make a few sales from my site though I am not giving up.

I know you are probably in the same boat as I am in trying to make a little extra money from the internet. It is hard work let me tell you. I am sure you have also read on some blog how I make this much money and they show you how much money that they have made. Will I would love to do that too, but as far as anything goes as of this writing I haven’t seen a penny to any of my online business’ yet. So in 2015, I got me a job to help pay for things. The pay I get from my job helps me with my personal finances and for my little home business.

I have come up with a special event I am working on for Diabetes. I’m looking to get a big team to help with the event. It is going to take some time and some effort to get this going. So I have asked people and not much luck. I still keep looking and I remembered a friend of mine who has some business that she does as well and she is an event planner, so I am on my way to getting a team together. I am nervous as to how many people will show up for the first meeting, but I am a step closer to getting my team. It takes a lot of hard work to get to where yo want to be. But be strong and be patient. You will get closer to your dreams or goal. It just takes a while and finding that one person to help you out.

You just have to take it one step at a time, even if it has to be baby steps.

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No sales and some info about where to find food


I have these websites,

My online store

A go fund me page

A blog

A crowd rise teamed up with Bret Michaels

My top 100 websites   If you have a website you can add your text or banner to mine.  IF you are able to add websits to yours please ad mine to your site too this way we both get hits to our sites.

Probably a few more pages that I don’t remember how to find them,  I share my pages on facebook and a few other pages.  I read about how you can make money off of these,  but my deal is, I can get people to look at my pages, but the problem is how do I get them to buy anything or make a donation?

My goal/dream is to help families of diabetics,  those who are struggling to make ends meet and having a hard time buying testing strips and other supplies and who want to make healthier meals and they have no idea on what to buy or what to make.

I know what it is like not having enough money by the time you got your bills paid, gas in the car,  Then you get what little groceries you can with what money you have left and now you are pretty much broke, trying to figure out how you are going to get by for next week.  Then you read about how you are supposed to put money back for yourself first and saying how am I supposed to do that when I already used what money I have.  Maybe you have so much taken out of your check for retirement,  that is a good thing,  Maybe you have money coming out of your check for insurance, that is a good thing.  Perhaps your only take home pay is  $28i5.86.  I know that is not really all that much money, but you got your bills paid and gas in the car and some food to put on the table.

I do have a suggestion for you, this is what I have done.  I went to local food banks, they have been a big help for me. You do have to be careful and make sure that some of the food they give you is still good.  A lot of those items have been donated.  I’m sure they do the best they can to catch the items that have gone bad.

Here is a link that will help you find some food bank in theSearcy, Ar and surrounding area food banks

I know it is very tough in these days to get by.  I got me a job because I was getting tired of trying to do my little business and my yard sales and getting nowhere.  I don’t think I had what most people were looking for.  I do sell things in person.  Haven’t sold much online.  I have sold a few things, but not near as I would have hoped for.  Since I got my job, I can do more for my business.  I have ordered some items and I have my stuff in a Fleamarket where someone watches my stuff and sells it for me. As of this writing, I have only gotten a few dollars.  I’m working as much as I can do what I can to get stuff to sell.  I was hoping to have a yard sale over the weekend but the weather was too cold, so that did not get to happen.

If you have any suggestions please comment.  I would love to hear your ideas.

I also wrote a small book about how to make a little money. My ebook on how to make money you will not get rich quick,  A lot of these websites you get like pennies for reading emails. You can get free gift cards or money.  These do take time but I do enjoy the little benefits they provide.  I have gotten a few gift cards and I have gotten a  few checks for $25.00 or so.

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Help, Google play service has stopped working

I have done a factory reset on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 a couple days ago and I open google play to start getting my apps back.  First thing you got to do is sign in.  Ok, I put in my email address and tough next (since I was using my cell phone)  then, it ask for your password,  I put my password in, it does the wait a second….  then it goest to accpet the terms of service and privacy policy.  I touch accept then wait a sec…..  Then pop up comes up.  It says, “Google play service has stopped working.” What the heck.   I do a search on those words, not a lot of luck at first, but then I found this website.

You need to update your google play service.   So I searched for “google play service update.”  Well you may not find it on google play store.  you have to go through a third party to do so.

This might be a little tricky to do though.  You will have to go into your phone settings.

I believe my phone is an Andriod Lollipop. (I wish it would tell you th name of the system along with the numbers.)

(I hope you are using your phone to read this, if not get your phone if you haven’t done so.) Other wise put this address in your phone.


Google play service update

Google play service update

This is where you download the update.  Do you see the puzzle piece?  That is the Google play service update that you need to get.   Touch that picture and it should get to you to the download page.

You can also get the google play update too. Once you have downloaded the app you will get a pop up saying the app has been blocked this is where yo go into your settings. Should look similar to this.

Yours might look a little different as android has more the one operating system.

Once you click on settings, go to general tab there you will find security, you may have to scroll to find it.

Once you see Security and touch it.


You may see unknown sources with a check mark on it.  Uncheck it.

After that, you should be able to go application manager.


After you are in application manager

You will see you what you have downloaded.  Tough the icons and it should install.  I suggest after you install these programs you restart your phone.

I hope this helps you. If it works please let me know.

If you would like to donate a little bit of money please do so  with either one of these or both,  It is up to you.  Both of these sites are for helping with Diabetes.  My personal fundraiser

andTeam Bret Michaels fundraiser


P.S.  If you find any errors please let me know.  I will update this as needed thank you for reading.




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